11/19/2012 11:31 am ET

McDonald's 'Your Daily Bacon' Twitter Campaign Highlights Fast Food's Bacon Love Affair

If you've been following McDonald's Twitter feed lately, you may have chanced on a few peculiar bacon-themed images. There's a picture of a bacon air freshener, a bacon tie and a slew of others that left us scratching our heads.

We reached out to McDonald's, which explained to HuffPost that the pictures are part of an original graphic series called "Your Daily Bacon" in honor of the chain's new bacon-y sandwich, the "CBO," or Cheddar Bacon Onion burger.

McDonald's is just the latest chain to embrace bacon in a big way; fast food eateries are really pushing the porky ingredient hard these days. This year, Burger King introduced its bacon sundae and Wendy's rolled out its Son of Baconator sandwich. Let's not forget Denny's maple bacon sundae, which came out last year.

Click through the below gallery for a look at McDonald's wacky "Your Daily Bacon" ad campaign.

McDonald's "Daily Bacon"


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