President Barack Obama just concluded his whirlwind tour of Asia. While there, he became the first sitting U.S. president to visit Myanmar. A new photo released by the White House shows Obama hitting a large bell at the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon.

obama rings bell

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  • D. Killough

    #ObamaPhotoCaptions "Let freedom ring..."

  • S. Denice Newton #ObamaPhotoCaptions This is how I beat the heck out Mitt Romney in an electoral landslide.

  • TruePolitizen

    @HuffPostPol Take that #GOP...I #WON!!!!! #ObamaPhotoCaptions!

  • Fired

    #ObamaPhotoCaptions All you 47%ers who voted for me, come and get it!

  • Nate Provance

    Come and get the free stuff #ObamaPhotoCaptions

  • Dzifah R. Hiatsi

    Obama ringing the fiscal cliff warning bell #ObamaPhotoCaptions! @HuffPostPol:

  • Brendan O'Hara

    #ObamaPhotoCaptions "I had to come all the way to Myanmar to ring a Liberty Bell that wasn't cracked."

  • genghis galahad

    @HuffPostPol #ObamaPhotoCaptions 3: You Can Ring My Bell!, 12th round Split Decision Victory and Still....the undefeated champion...,Liberty

  • TruePolitizen

    I'd rather spike a #football, but this bell will do for now! #ObamaPhotoCaptions!

  • Philip Kongialis

    "Hey Romney! The Bell Tolls for Thee" - President Obama 5 seconds earlier. #ObamaPhotoCaptions

  • Findlay Osborn

    "President Obama resorts to ancient methods to summon Secret Service at the conclusion of foreign visit." #ObamaPhotoCaptions

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