11/21/2012 03:36 pm ET Updated Nov 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Day: The Holiday Dish I Lost In The Divorce


The holidays are a time to take stock of what we're most grateful for in life. For divorcees, that may include no longer having to share a turkey dinner with your ex, your former in-laws and their weird, weird side dishes.

With that that joyous thought in mind, we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to share the the holiday dishes they lost in the divorce -- for better or worse. (You probably don't miss your ex mother-in-law's infamous Jell-O mold, but your ex's apple and sage stuffing? That stuff was pretty amazing.)

Click through the slideshow below to see some of the funniest responses, then head to the comments to share the holiday dish that you lost in your divorce.

The Dish I Lost In The Divorce


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