11/22/2012 03:24 pm ET

Thanksgiving Feasts: The 15 Best Meals In Art (PHOTOS)

Thanksgiving is in full force here in the United States, so we imagine that many of our readers are currently in the process of devouring an enormous, multi-course meal surrounded by friends and family of equally rapacious appetites. Or maybe you have already gorged yourself on a cornucopia of turkey and various side dishes and have now slipped into a food-induced coma. Either way, you are celebrating America's favorite feast-worthy holiday right.

Just in case you weren't sure if your festive eating was up to par, we've put together a slideshow of the 15 best banquets in art to help you make your Thanksgiving the greatest feast possible. These works of art span the decadent dinners of the Roman Empire to medieval Europe all the way to 20th century America, capturing the day of plenty in all its sumptuous glory. We just hope you're not too stuffed to take a look.



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