It was a Thanksgiving miracle for one Chicago family, who were shocked to discover a baby they thought was dead was, in fact, born alive.

Noah Ignacio Guzman arrived at Mount Sinai Hospital at 3:12 a.m., according to ABC 7.

"I [will] never forget this day... Thanksgiving Day, and my baby is born," said the baby's father, Ignacio Guzman.

When the baby's mother, Jocelyn Robinson, arrived at the hospital, she was suffering severe complications, according to KTVI. An ultrasound failed to find a heartbeat, and a doctor told the couple the baby was dead.

"When they told me he passed away... I just started crying," Guzman told ABC.

But when a medical team was trying to save the bleeding mother, one doctor saw the baby gasp. Baby Noah was born at 4 pounds, 13 ounces -- a miracle baby, reports KTVI.

According to ABC, he went straight to intensive care at the hospital.

Earlier this week, doctors reported on the case of another miracle baby, Audrina Cardenas, who was born with much of her heart outside her body, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Baby Audrina's highly unusual condition is usually fatal within the first few day after birth, but doctors now say her prognosis is favorable.

And in April, a newborn baby named Luz Milagros astonished her doctors and police when she was found alive in a coffin in the morgue 12 hours after being pronounced dead at the hospital. Her name, reports CBS News, translates to "Miracle Light."

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