11/26/2012 12:12 pm ET

Long John Silver's Restaurant Manager Recorded Women In California Bathroom, Cops Say

A 17-year-old Long John Silver's manager was caught recording women as they used the bathroom at the restaurant chain, cops say.

A female customer and her daughter in Vallejo, Calif. were shocked to find a digital video recorder in the bathroom's air vent on Saturday, positioned right above a toilet, CBS Sacramento reported.

Officers responded to the fast food chain and found a cell phone with the camera installed, hidden in the vent. The camera was recording when it was discovered.

The suspect, an unidentified juvenile, was arrested and workers confirmed that he was fired when the allegations surfaced.

"The person who did it is sick," a female customer told CBS. "He needs to be put away."

The Vallejo Times-Herald reports that the boy was cited and released to his parents.


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