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Sheryl Nuxoll, Idaho GOP State Senator, Tweets Out Bogus 'Last Chance' For A President Romney

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Sheryl Nuxoll, a Republican state senator from Idaho, recently joined the ranks of conservatives so deeply distraught over President Barack Obama's reelection victory that they believed they could coordinate a mass Electoral College boycott in order to deny him a second term.

The Idaho Spokesman-Review flags the novel -- as well as entirely unconstitutional and implausible -- proposal shared by Nuxoll over Twitter.

According to the linked article, first written by Tea Party Nation founder and craftsman of bad ideas Judson Phillips, Obama's win could be nullified if two-thirds of the Electoral College states boycott the official selection process.

That's “really a strange and bizarre fantasy,” David Adler, a constitutional scholar and director of the Andrus Center for Public Policy at Boise State University, told the Spokesman-Review. It's also entirely incorrect, according to the Constitution. The 12th Amendment, which Phillips cites as the backbone of his proposal, refers to a quorum requirement only in cases where the House of Representatives is electing the president. Such a requirement does not exist for the Electoral College.

As Think Progress notes, the original article over at right-wing website World Net Daily has since been updated to address the initial misunderstanding of the Constitution.

Ironically enough, Nuxoll accused Obama of "definitely not following (the) Constitution" in her interview with the Spokesman-Review.

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