Red Stripe Ad Musically Brings Shop To Life (VIDEO)

11/30/2012 04:10 pm ET

Hats off to Red Stripe for this absolutely brilliant video, which easily ranks as one of the coolest ads we've seen in the food and the drink realm this year.

We can only wonder how long it took for the beer company to methodically rig an entire corner shop in East London to come alive when a bottle of Red Stripe beer is touched by unsuspecting customers. By the end of the video, the merchandise clangs out a special version of Dandy Livingstone’s "A Message to You, Rudy."

We love how everyone in the video is doing a little jig by the end. We'll be honest, so are we. Red Stripe also released a making-of-the-ad video on YouTube, which is interesting in its own right.

Watch Red Stripe's amazing ad below.

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