12/03/2012 08:56 am ET

John S. And James L. Knight Foundation Announces $23 Million To Fund Miami Arts Organization

Over the last six years, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation has donated an amazing $86 million to Miami's arts scene. If not for this steady patronage, many local artists would have packed up and moved away long ago.

And the foundation just announced new millions that will fund both small and large creative endeavors in South Florida.

The folks at Knight will donate $23 million to Miami initiatives with $14 million going to established institutions and $9 million going to grassroots movements via Knights Arts Challenge winners.

Chief among the recipients is the Borscht Film Festival, poised to hold their 8th fest and currently fighting for their right to portray Chris Bosh as a disgraced space prince. They will receive $500,000 of Knight Foundation funds.

Also getting a cut of the pledged $14 million is the Miami City Ballet for $5 million, the Wolfsonian Museum for $5 million, the Miami International Film Festival with $500,000, and DASH and New World high school that will get $1 million to help send their arts students to NYC and Europe for "cultural field trips."

The Cleveland Orchestra, which has become Miami’s resident winter symphony, will receive $2 million.

"In a truly creative town like Miami, everybody should be able to participate, to dream and to ultimately see their passions through to reality,” Dennis Scholl, Knight Foundation’s vice president for arts, said in the release.

The new funding also means that’s the Knights Arts Challenge in Miami will last through 2015.

Click below for videos about past Knight winners:

Knights Art Challenge
Knights Art Challenge