12/03/2012 01:32 pm ET | Updated Dec 03, 2012

'Pay It Forward': Reddit Thread Documents Awesome Acts Of Kindness

If a Reddit thread can be held as an indicator of mass sentiment, then holiday season acts of kindness are spreading rapidly through the country.

On Monday, a kindness-themed thread began with a post from user marfalight, who received his $2 Starbucks coffee for free after the person ahead of him in the drive-thru picked up the tab.

When the barista said the kind act was the eighth to occur in a row, marfalight decided to extend the favor to the following car. He paid for the $15 order and noticed the positive effects of performing a good deed.

"I just couldn't stop smiling," he wrote, and encouraged others on Reddit to share similar experiences. "Just thinking about a possible 'pandemic' of kindness leaves me breathless."

Below are some of best “pay it forward” stories that came, uh, forward, during the discussion.

8 Touching 'Pay It Forward' Acts