Baked Brie Recipes Your Friends Will Ask For (And That You'll Want To Keep For Yourself)

12/04/2012 10:48 am ET | Updated Dec 08, 2014

There are many reasons we love brie. This French cheese is soft, buttery and mild enough to go with pretty much anything. It's a mellow partner for super savory flavors and an even better match for sweet ones. Perhaps our favorite thing about brie, however, is how incredible it becomes when it's baked.

Easy to make and good for a crowd, baked brie recipes are perfect for holiday parties, cold-weather snacking or just keeping your crackers company. So now is the perfect time to get to know this ridiculously rewarding dish. It's a comfort food and party food all in one, and whether you go for sweet undertones, like honey or fig, or savory ones, there are countless ways to enjoy it.

Here are 27 gooey baked brie recipes that will be perfect for literally any occasion this winter.

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