Young Lindsay Lohan: Remembering The Golden Days Of LiLo Through 'Parent Trap' Art (PHOTOS)

12/04/2012 09:18 am ET

Since Lindsay Lohan was arrested for the 23rd time last week, we've seen more than our fair share of insulting tweets, memes and jabs. Somewhere in the ugly shuffle we stumbled upon a beacon of light in the form of a drawing by Romanian artist Corina Chirila.

young lindsay lohan meme

The realistic depiction of the freckle-faced youth reminds us of the girl we fell in love with many years — and many arrests — ago. So instead of joining in on the hate-fest we decided to pay tribute to the days of lil' LiLo, where her greatest troubles were switching places with herself and piercing her ears with a needle and potato. Take a trip back to the golden days of Lohan with some of our favorite quotes from her first, and possibly best, film, "The Parent Trap."

Lil LiLo

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