12/05/2012 05:02 pm ET

Allen Iverson Heavily In Debt, Court Documents Reveal Where His Money Goes

He has a vertical leap of more than 40 inches, but Allen Iverson is drowning in debt.

While the former NBA star remains locked in a bitter divorce with his ex-wife Tawanna, court documents reveal his bank balance statement reads something like this: $62,500 per month coming in, $360,000 per month going right back out.

According to TMZ, Iverson pays $125,749.33 to various creditors each month. Then he drops around $1,000 per month on dry cleaning (which oddly makes sense, given that he also spends $10,000 per month buying clothes). Another $10,000 per month goes to groceries and household items, and $10,000 per month to restaurants.

On top of the discretionary expenses, Iverson has several home mortgages, though his mansion in Atlanta is currently in foreclosure.

Despite all these debts, Iverson still has assets: he owns a Maybach worth $400,000, according to

Iverson reportedly earned more than $150 million dollars in his career with the NBA.