12/05/2012 08:40 am ET | Updated Dec 05, 2012

Jon Stewart Calls Out Republicans' Fiscal Cliff Negotiations As Not 'Even Remotely Reasonable' (VIDEO)

If there's one thing congress does well it's negotiating without actually negotiating. The fiscal cliff, the completely congress-made economic disaster that's looming in the near-distance, is the latest case in point. But, hey, at least congressional Republicans are willing to admit that it exists (sorry climate change and evolution, better luck next time).

Jon Stewart has been hammering at the ongoing non-negotiations in his "Daily Show" series, "Cliffpocalypsemageddonacaust - Totally Solvable Budget Problem". He made his most pointed critique of the GOP's counter offeron Tuesday saying, "It's pretty clear Republicans aren't ever going to come to the table with anything even remotely reasonable."

The obvious solution? "Let's just go over the f*cking cliff." Hell, it worked for "Thelma and Louise", right? Speaking of which, why didn't they ever make a sequel to that movie?


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