12/07/2012 09:25 am ET

Kindergarten Sex Play: Eastside Elementary School, Police Investigate Allegations

A Michigan teacher has been suspended with pay while Constantine Public Schools officials investigate allegations that two 5-year-old boys engaged in sex play in her classroom.

Superintendent Chuck Frisbie notified Eastside Elementary School parents of the alleged incident in a letter Tuesday. The two kindergartners have been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation into reports that they were "experimenting with each other" at school, according to

"Five-year-olds don't know that kind of behavior. They have to have learned it somewhere," Constantine Police Chief Jim Bedell told WOOD.

The teacher's suspension stems from a possibility that the incident occurred in the classroom while she was supposed to be supervising the students. There has been no indication of criminal activity by the teacher, according to Frisbie's letter.

Fox 17 reports that Child Protective Services are involved.

"Sometimes with these cases, it's not always that they have been victimized but that's my primary goal right now is to safeguard our children in Constantine and to also safeguard the children that are involved in this," school resource officer Holly Cerny told the station.

A similar incident earlier this year led to families filing notices of claim against New York City, claiming $5 million each in damages. The claims stem from allegations that a group of kindergarteners "explored their private parts" by taking off their clothes and engaging in oral sex-like activities while the teacher was present.


Controversial school-related documents from around the country
Controversial school-related documents from around the country