Ellen Grossman, Woman Who Didn't Recognize Jay-Z On Subway, Plays 'Name That Celebrity' (VIDEO)

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Most New Yorkers would probably be shocked to see Jay-Z on their daily commute, but when artist Ellen Grossman found herself sitting next to the superstar on the subway, she didn't even recognize him, asking, "Are you famous?"

After the video of Grossman's subway adventure went viral, HuffPost Live invited her on the air to discuss her experience.

"My first reaction when that surge of people came onto a fairly empty subway car was: there's been a disaster upstairs," explained Grossman. She continued, "And then there was great relief when I saw they were laughing and taking pictures of this one guy and just in a great mood, which is why I then thought that it perhaps was a flashmob."

Jay-Z left a positive impression on Grossman. "He's genuine," she explained. "He was really present, he was paying attention to me. Ultimately, he didn't mind that I didn't know who he was, I think he thought it was funny and maybe even a relief to meet one person in the whole world who didn't know who he was."

Grossman said that the video had brought much welcome attention to her artwork. "I am very pleased that it's driven quite a lot of traffic to my website."

She currently has art on display at the Denise Bibro Fine Art gallery located at 529 West 20th Street 4W in New York.

At the end of the segment, host Marc Lamont Hill quizzed Grossman on her celebrity recognition skills in a brief game of "Name That Celebrity." Check out the clip above to see how she did.


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