Rodin 'Thinker' Sculpture Sells For $2.2 Million At Auction (PHOTO)

12/06/2012 02:00 pm ET | Updated Dec 11, 2012

He may be small, but he sure grabs a mighty hammer price. This miniature version of Auguste Rodin's infamous "Le Penseur" (The Thinker) sold for a hefty sum this past week at Bukowski's auction house in Stockholm.

small rodin sculpture

Auguste Rodin, "The Thinker," c. 1915

If you predicted that this 15 inch statue would run for $2.2 million, then you should probably look into getting a job in the field of art appraisal.

The tiny Rodin work, crafted sometime around 1915, is a miniature version of the original "Gates of Hell" masterpiece and part of a sculpture set called the Marabou Collection. According to a statement released by the auction house, part of the appeal is that Rodin's buddy, Jean Limet, coated the small "Thinker" in an unusual blue and red patina. Let us know what you think of the lofty value of "Le Petite Penseur" in the comments section.

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