It goes without saying, but singer Taylor Swift has a long way to go before she dethrones anyone in hip-hop.

For one thing, unless her love of sugar somehow qualifies her, she just doesn't have that gritty "from the streets" quality. For another, Swift's beatboxing skills are atrocious.

In a performance at the 2012 Grammy Nominations Concert, Taylor Swift joined LL Cool J on stage for what The Daily Beast politely described as an "unlikely collaboration."

Swift cheerfully attempts to throw down some beats ("This is going to be terrible," she says.) while LL layers over it with a gangster-inspired rendition of Swifts hit single "Mean."

How'd it turn out? Let's just say we agree with her when she noted afterward, "I'm 100 percent sure we're not going to be nominated for that collaboration next year."

"It's highly unlikely," responded LL.

WATCH the performance, below:

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