12/10/2012 06:17 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2012

Wedding Dress Bride Stored For 26 Years Is Not Hers

After the Big Day, the wedding dress is often tucked away until a younger woman in the family asks to see it. Imagine one woman's shock when she discovered that the dress she'd been storing for 26 years wasn't hers.

Kim Jones recently took her wedding dress out of its box for the first time since her 1986 wedding, she told The Tennessean. But Jones and her daughter, Emily, quickly realized that something was amiss when they noticed that the dress had sleeves. Jones' dress didn't.

The mix-up may have happened when Jones' mother took the dress to be dry-cleaned after the wedding; the dress appears the same when looking through the box's clear window, so no one noticed it was actually the wrong one.

Emily hopes her mother's original dress can be returned so she can wear it at her own wedding.

“As the only girl in the family, this is the one thing that my mother had for me," she said. "To find out that it wasn’t hers after all these years was very disappointing."

Jones isn't the first woman to lose her wedding dress. An Iowa woman is looking for the owner of a dress found in the middle of the street, and an Australian bride sold chocolate to raise money for a new dress after hers was lost after a local bridal boutique closed up shop.

It's not just dresses that go missing -- click through the slideshow below for some bizarre lost and found wedding ring stories.

Bizarre Lost Wedding Ring Stories
Bizarre Lost Wedding Ring Stories

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