12/11/2012 07:12 pm ET

Manny Pacquiao Cries In Interview With Wife Following Loss To Juan Manuel Marquez (VIDEO)

Following a stunning knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez over the weekend, Manny Pacquiao and his wife Jinkee cried during an emotional interview with the GMA network on Sunday.

"The low morale, the sadness, I accept that. This is my job,"
the choked up Pacquiao said, as translated by The Telegraph. "But the reaction of the Filipinos, the many who cried, especially my family, it really hurts me."

Jinkee added that she can't sleep after watching her husband get hurt and when asked if she wants him to retire, she replied, "You know the answer to that. He knows what I am asking him."

But will Pacquiao retire? After losing two straight fights, Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach suggested after the loss that retirement is a possibility but it will take time to determine the next course of action.

"If he is back in the gym and I see signs of him declining I'll tell him to retire, but if I don't see that I won't tell him to retire," Roach said, via the Associated Press. "I'd love to get a rematch, but is that the best move right away? Should we try him out in a softer fight first? There is a lot of things we have to think about. It's very complicated, and it's not going to be overnight."

As Hrvoje Hranjski of The Associated Press noted, retirement is just one of a few tough choices the 34-year-old boxer faces. But one thing might be for certain, boxing fans probably won't be seeing a Pacquiao-Mayweather dream fight any time soon, or ever.


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