There may be a worldwide bacon shortage ahead of us, but that doesn't mean all the bacon aficionados out there have to go without the good stuff this holiday season.

And by "good stuff," we of course mean ridiculous novelty products that celebrate America's favorite meat.

Seriously: what bacon lover wouldn't want a scarf, lip balm, whip, bookmark or dental floss that looks/smells/tastes like bacon? Ok, maybe not the dental floss, but you get the idea.

Check out 30 real, purchasable gifts below that are sure to delight any bacon-phile this holiday saeason. Next to handing them a raw package of bacon with a bow on it, these are probably your best options!

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  • Bacon Adhesive Bandages

    Perfect for the bacon fan who falls down a lot. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$6.99</strong>

  • Bacon Air Freshener

    If your bacon-loving friend lives alone, this is a perfect gift. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$5.95</strong>

  • Bacon Lip Balm

    There truly is a lip balm flavor for everyone. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$5.99</strong>

  • Bacon And Eggs Scarf

    This scarf is the great way to show that you're the quirky aunt. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$32.99</strong>

  • Bacon And Maple Syrup Lollipop

    A lollipop for those younger bacon lovers. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$0.50</strong>

  • Bacon Wrapping Paper

    This wrapping paper is a necessity for all of these gifts. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$7.98</strong>

  • Bacon Boxers

    These boxers are the perfect way to seduce a fellow bacon lover. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$18</strong>

  • Bacon Soap

    If you want to be clean, but also never get rid of the smell. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$6.98 </strong>

  • Bacon Toothpaste

    This toothpaste is a great way to almost clean your teeth. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$5.99</strong>

  • Bacon Elements Shirt

    Why is bacon so good? Because science. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$13.80-$20.99</strong>

  • Bacon Roll On Perfume

    No matter what they say, this should not be used to attract a man. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$8</strong>

  • Bacon And Egg Gloves

    These are only for people who really really <em>get it</em>. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$8</strong>

  • Bacon iPhone Case

    Just don't let anyone eat your iPhone. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$19.99</strong>

  • Bacon Whip

    This gift is perfect for a very specific kind of Christian Grey fan. <a href="">Etsy</a>,<strong> $125</strong>

  • Bacon Frosting

    Perfect if you want a cake that could please maybe five people. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$6.99</strong>

  • Bacon Calendar

    Every day you get a new bacon affirmation. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$14.99</strong>

  • Bacon Pillows

    Who couldn't use some happy, little bacon to brighten your day? <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$20</strong>

  • Bacon Body Pillow

    Bonus: You put it in your car's passenger seat in order to use the carpool lane. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$32</strong>

  • Bacon Bookmarks

    Don't let reading distract you from what's really important. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$4.95</strong>

  • Bacon Floss

    Bacon in your teeth? We've got the perfect floss for you. <a href=""></a>, <strong>$7.24</strong>.

  • Bacon Button

    Bacon haters to the left! <a href=""></a>, <strong>$4.99</strong>

  • Bacon Mug

    Once your breakfast bacon is gone, you can still commemorate it with this bacon coffee mug. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$25</strong>

  • Bacon Table Runner

    Now you'll always have bacon on the table. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$15</strong>

  • Bacon Tie

    Perfect for the businessman/bacon aficionado. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$40</strong>

  • Bacon Cosmetic Pouch

    Your face doesn't have to look greasy, even if your favorite food is. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$10</strong>

  • Bacon Bracelet

    A great way to tell a bacon-lover that you love her almost as much as bacon. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$13</strong>

  • Bacon Decal

    Remember that one time you tried apples and bacon together? Never forget. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$6.99</strong>

  • Bacon Baby Booties

    It's never to early to start teaching your children the importance of bacon in our culture. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$11</strong>

  • Bacon Clock

    It's always bacon o'clock somewhere. <a href="">Etsy</a>, <strong>$24.99</strong>

  • 101 Things To Do With Bacon Book

    If you get through this entire cookbook and STILL want more bacon, you'll know your love is true. <a href="">Barnes & Noble</a>, <strong>$9.99</strong>

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