12/12/2012 04:38 pm ET

Nick Offerman On Conan: 'This Mustache Is A Bit Of A Curse' (VIDEO)

"Parks And Recreation" star and 2012's "Sexiest Man Alive (Mustache Edition)" Nick Offerman stopped by "Conan" on Tuesday to talk about his signature 'stache, among other things.

Offerman admitted that "This mustache is a bit of curse," adding that after trimming it three times per day, "By the time I get up in the morning it's down to my chin." He may be joking, but knowing how closely Offerman matches up to his "Parks" character Ron Swanson in terms of manliness, we wouldn't be shocked if this was true.

Watch the clip above to see Conan get practically giddy about Offerman's manly scent, charity strip-tease and more.