Ever want to join a squirrel club or a club devoted entirely to eating the crusts of pizzas? Well, you are in college! Now you can.

HuffPost College recently put together a slideshow honoring the strangest college clubs in America. On the list? Clubs about the Renaissance, hippies and even the "Assassins Guild" at MIT.

Check out our slideshow of the weirdest clubs ever. Then tell us, does your school have any strange clubs? Comment or use Twitter and Facebook us to tell us about your club experiences.

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  • Squirrel Club - University of Michigan

    "Squirrel!" "The University of Michigan campus has some really big squirrels--like HUGE--and some students started a Squirrel Club to feed the squirrels peanuts every week," explained Sarah Smith, a University of Michigan student and Her Campus writer.

  • Happiness Club - Northwestern University

    This is a great club to join if you tend to act perkiest among your friends, and they simply cannot take so much of you. The club gives back to the campus by spreading happiness in simple ways.

  • Dignified Educated United Crust Eaters Society - Western Michigan University

    "We the people of the Dignified Educated United Crust Eaters Society, hereby set forth to make sure that no crust go uneaten and to bring a stop to the discrimination of crust. "

  • The Quill and the Sword - Brigham Young University

    Love Renaissance fairs? You're (somehow) not alone! In this club, student get more familiar with medieval history and get involved in all those things Arthur and his chums liked so much.

  • MIT Assassins Guild

    Assassin's Creed III isn't the only way you can get a taste of this particular life while keeping your hands and conscience clean. A role-playing game is improvised, and students go for the kill.

  • Students Against Hippies in Trees, UC Berkeley

    There are plenty of tree-loving, tree-occupying children of the sun/mother/ganja at this campus. Then there are others...

  • Rock-Paper-Scissors Club, U of Kentucky

    If only there were a fair way to decide club leadership...

  • Campus People Watchers, U of Minnesota

    "Look, a person!" "Is she wearing that?" "He's picking his nose with wild abandon." These are things the Campus People Watchers live for.

  • Bigfoot Society, U Penn

    Sure, that Bigfoot is an elusive creature, but if anyone were to figure out where he is, look no further than this club of smart students.

  • Clown Nose Club - North Carolina State University

    “The Clown Nose Club is all about challeng[ing] ourselves and others to take positive social risks in line with our philosophy of others,” reads the club’s <a href="https://sites.google.com/a/ncsu.edu/cnc/home">official description. </a>

  • The Carleton College Mustache Club, Carleton College

    It's December, and you still haven't shaved that caterpillar that -- through some crazy genetic twist -- is five shades redder than anything else on your body (including the bow-tie.) Don't fear! Likeminded fellows in the Carleton College Mustache Club are with you.