12/17/2012 10:50 am ET Updated Dec 18, 2012

Obama Leaves Message For Football Coach, Teacher At Newtown High School (PHOTO)

Two staff members at Newtown High School in Connecticut were surprised to find a message left for them on a whiteboard on Sunday by President Barack Obama.

Newtown football coach Steve George and teacher Bob Pattison had left a note to Obama in a classroom that the president was using as a staging area before his speech at a memorial service for the 26 people -- 20 of them children -- slain during a mass shooting at Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday. It read:

Dear President Obama,

The Newtown community is so thankful that you are coming to help us heal. In times of adversity it is reassuring to know that we have a strong leader to help us recover.

-Steve George, teacher/football coach
-Bobby Pattison, teacher

George later tweeted that they'd found a reply from the president when they returned to the room.

"You’re in our thoughts and prayers," the note read, above Obama's signature.


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