'Superstring Theory Is A Bit Controversial,' Theoretical Physicist Mark Jackson Explains (VIDEO)

12/17/2012 03:41 am ET | Updated Dec 17, 2012
  • Cara Santa Maria Science correspondent, Huffington Post; editor, Talk Nerdy to Me

Have you ever heard the term string theory and wondered WTF it means? When it comes to theoretical physics, it seems like there are a lot of larger-than-life concepts that have made their way into our everyday conversations. But how often do we stop to understand what they represent? What is superstring theory? What can it tell us about where we came from, where we're going? Why should we even care?

I had the opportunity to ask theoretical cosmologist and, as it happens, one of Chicago's most eligible bachelors (no lie!), Mark Jackson, to help me learn more about superstring theory. Watch the video above for a primer. And don't forget to sound off by leaving your comments below. Come on, talk nerdy to me!


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