In his song "Guap," rapper Big Sean gives a typical Detroit greeting of "What up doe." And the Motor City hip-hop star continues shouting out his hometown in the music video for the single from forthcoming album "Hall of Fame."

Anticipation has been high since the rapper shut down Woodward Avenue for the video shoot in November, filling the street with crowds, brightly dressed dancers and him leading the parade from a boat. The resulting video, which brings a dose of the tropics to the streets of Detroit, shows off everything from Belle Isle to a liquor store.

Big Sean
We coulda shot this anywhere in the world but chose detroit cuz we wanted to bring some light to the city

He also shows off his love for the Big Three, cruising in a Pontiac GTO convertible. It's about time. When Big Sean (whose real name is Sean Anderson) talked to HuffPost Detroit last year, he said he had given his car to his brother.

"You may see me riding around in a Benz, but I gotta support American muscle," he said.

Big Sean said his hometown had long influenced him as an artist.

"Detroit has an unmistakeable soul -- nobody can duplicate the soul we bring to the game. From Motown to J Dilla to Eminem to anything," he said. "As far as I think, it had a lot to do shaping me as a man."

He's been bringing that soul to lots of projects lately. Just last week, the 24-year-old rapper released the video for "Mula" from his "Detroit" mixtape. But, as he says in "Guap," it's not all about work.

"I've been working all goddamn year. I just got my check. I'm 'bout to spend it all on me, I'm worth it."

And for those who haven't been paying attention: guap means money. Lots of it.

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