Gun companies walk a very fine line in advertising weapons.

In recent years the delicate nature of selling a deadly product to a mass audience has kept gun ads away from mainstream outlets like newspapers or television, as HuffPost's Tom Zeller recently pointed out.

But once upon a time, the nation's gun makers didn't need to be so sensitive. A scan of vintage firearm and air rifle ads reveals a world in which guns were a must-have for the whole family.

Check out some of the vintage ads for American gun makers below:

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  • Christmas Ad for Daisy Rifles (1972)

    <i>A Christmas Story</i> <a href="">this is not</a>.

  • "A Hi-Standard For Christmas" (1957)

  • Iver Johnson Revolvers (1904)

    Iver Johnson guns were used in the assassinations of both <a href="">Robert F. Kennedy</a> and president <a href="">William F. McKinley</a>.

  • Savage Arms Co. Ad for the Savage Automatic (1914)

    "Is your wife helpless -- or dangerous -- in these times when <i>more idlers</i> make more <i>brutes</i> and more <i>thugs</i>?"

  • Crosman Pellguns (1959)

    St. Louis Cardinals legend and MLB Hall of Famer Stan Musial <a href="">advertised for Crosman Pellguns</a> in the 1950's.

  • Winchester Rifle Ad (1958)

    "<a href="">Give him year 'round fun</a>...for years to come."

  • Remington Single Shot Rifles (1903)

    "The simplicity of the <a href="">Remington action</a> insures safety and saves repair bills."

  • Remington .22 Repeater (1910's)

    "Insure against a dull vacation: pack a <a href=""">Remington .22 Repeater</a> in your grip and half a dozen boxes of UMC .22 shorts."

  • Winchester Calendar (1917)

    What's manlier than taming -- or <a href="">possibly punching</a> -- a horse while your friend holds a severed deer head?

  • Winchester Calendar (1917)

    <a href="">An epic battle</a> pitting man on horseback with a gun versus a bear...on the edge of a cliff!

  • Daisy Air Rifles (1930s)

    "Get year 'round fun with your Christmas money...<a href="">get a Daisy</a>."

  • Remington Kleaborne Cartridges Ad (1933)

    "What a man, Jimmy, <a href="">what a man</a>!"

  • Rheingold Beer with Duck Hunting Shotgun (1957)

  • Colt Match Target Woodsman Pistol (1951)

  • Action Arms Ltd. Uzi Ad (Late 1980's)

  • .41 Smith & Wesson Ad (Undated)

    "When it's you or him..."

  • Colt Guns Christmas Ad (1939)

    "Isn't it time you <a href="">gave <i>yourself</i> a Christmas gift</a>?"

  • Winchester .22 (Undated)

    "<a href="">Start him right</a> -- right now."

  • Daisy Air Rifle Ad (Undated)

    "Mothers, as well as fathers, now generally recognize that this training makes for character and manliness."

  • Daisy Air Rifle Ad (1968)

  • Winchester Model 75 .22 Target Rifle Boy Scout Ad (1944)

    "Every boy <a href="">has his hero</a>."