12/20/2012 09:13 am ET

Food-Themed Sleeping Gear

Etsy: Bfiberandcraft

We love food. We love it so much we want to sleep in it. (And we're perfectly okay with how strange that sounds). It's the reason we were thrilled to learn about cheeseburger bedding earlier this week. It's also why we nearly fainted with joy when we saw the realistic watermelon wedge tent by Field Candy.

The thought of sleeping in food-themed gear makes us almost as happy as eating it. So when we just stumbled across the pizza slice sleeping bag by Bfiberandcraft on Etsy we knew today was a good day. Especially when it enlightened us to the existence of a baked potato bean bag chair. What do you think about this sleeping gear? Would you sleep in a pizza slice?

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Sleeping In Food


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