There's just something about the look a child and a puppy give each other when they meet for the first time and know they're going to be BFFs. And when it's on Christmas morning and involves bows and wrapping paper, it's so much the better. We could literally watch these all day long.

If you want to make someone's day with a dog for Christmas, we highly recommend you adopt instead of buy. Visit and the ASPCA sites to learn more.

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  • Hiding In Plain Sight

  • We Didn't Get A Puppy Yet..

  • The Cutest Bow

  • Last Two Presents

  • Come Down The Stairs

  • Waking Up To A Christmas Surprise

  • Getting Some Exercise

  • "I Have A Dog! I Have A Dog!"

  • Open Your Presents In Unison!

  • Take That Bow Off!

  • "I Wrote It On My List"

  • That Toothbrush Was Also A Great Gift

  • Are You Doing The Jimmy Kimmel Thing?

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