TV Couples: For Christmas, Characters We'd Like To See Under The Mistletoe

12/20/2012 09:29 pm ET

Primetime is full of potential soulmates (or at least random hook-ups) waiting to happen, if only they weren't separated by network divides, so HuffPost TV came up with 15 dream pairings that we think would have plenty in common if they happened to coincide under the mistletoe this season.

Forget about characters who coexist on the same show -- that's way too easy, and those kisses could happen at any old time of year. It might take a Christmas miracle (or a lot of eggnog) for our chosen couples to lock lips, but that's part of the magic of the holidays!

Check out our fantasy list below, then hit the comments with your suggestions.

Characters We'd Put Under The Mistletoe

Which TV characters would you like to see meeting under the mistletoe this holiday season? Weigh in below!

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