One Irish woman popped the question to her girlfriend in less than 140 characters.

On Wednesday, Etain Kidney proposed to her girlfriend, Michelle Walls, by projecting the tweet, "Michelle, will you marry me?" onto the wall of the Boland's Mill building in Dublin.

The proposal was possible due to AOL's "#MerryAOL" Twitter campaign. (AOL is the parent company of The Huffington Post). The company encouraged people to send holiday-related tweets using the hashtag #MerryAOL, and on Wednesday the best were projected onto the side of the building.

Kidney told Gay Community News that she worked with AOL to make the proposal happen.

"It was great to have all our friends there. I got to make a big deal of Michelle and it's so beautiful down on the dock -- couldn't ask for much more!" Kidney said.

Watch the video above for RTE Irish News' report.

Are Twitter marriage proposals the way of the future? Kidney is not the first to pop the question using the social media site. On Saturday, Deadmau5 tweeted a marriage proposal at Kat Von D, and in 2008 two couples got engaged after Twitter proposals.

Click through the slideshow below to see our favorite marriage proposals of the year.

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  • "Marry You" Lip Dub

    Isaac Lamb's <a href="">flash mob/lip dub proposal</a> set to the Bruno Mars song "Marry You" was featured on dozens of news outlets, including "The Today Show." It was posted to YouTube on May 25 and now has more than 16 million views.

  • Accidental Sunset Photo

    Photographer Michael Keane didn't realize he had <a href="">captured a proposal on camera</a> until he looked at the photos afterwards. He tracked down the proposer, who said he was glad he and his fiance now have photos of their intimate engagement.

  • Airplane Proposal

    This pilot groom told his girlfriend that the flight controls on the plane he was flying were not responding... then surprised her with a ring! The video has more than 4 million views and we can see why -- this has to be one of the most creative proposals ever.

  • Obama's Re-Election Celebration

    A photo of a lesbian couple getting engaged at President Obama's <a href="">election night celebration</a> went viral. The night also revealed that voters in three states approved same-sex marriage.

  • Scavenger Hunt

    Stephen Kaes' proposal to Nicole Frie included a scavenger hunt, a lyric video, and Fries' friends and family. Kaes <a href="">told HuffPost Weddings</a> that he was nervous about his detailed plan going wrong, but once Fries showed up, it was easy.

  • Little Girls Flash Mob

    We've seen flash mob proposals before, but Danny found a way to make his unique. This dance mob is made up of young girls, and at one point Danny temporarily loses the ring. But his girlfriend Tina still said yes!

  • "One Thing" Lip Dub

    A walk in the park became a proposal when Brad arranged a flash mob-style lip dub of One Direction's "One Thing," then played a romantic video on the beach.

  • Central Park Umbrella Proposal

    While rowing on the lake in Central Park, a woman proposed to her girlfriend using umbrellas that spelled out "Will you marry me?" Click <a href="">here</a> to see more photos from the proposal.

  • Fake Death

    Would you say yes to this proposal? A Russian man hired a director, stuntman, make up artists and a scriptwriter to help him <a href="">fake his own death</a> in a car accident... then propose to his girlfriend.

  • Glee Flash Mob

    Guaranteed to melt the heart of every Gleek. The 3rd annual Glee Flash Mob in Seattle went off without a hitch -- then one participant surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal. "Glee" actor Matthew Morrison can even be seen at 4:47.

  • Flash Mob In NYC

    This groom pulled out all the stops for his proposal, including choreographed dancers and a marching band. The video was posted in June and now has more than one million views.

  • Fake Movie Trailer

    New York Times columnist David Pogue created this <a href="">elaborate fake movie trailer</a>, which he played before a real movie his girlfriend and family were about to see.

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