12/21/2012 10:05 am ET

Kids' Stocking Stuffers 2012: Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas (SLIDESHOW)

There's an art to finding perfect stocking stuffers for kids: things that are quirky but practical, small but eye-catching, interesting but inexpensive.

The following ideas -- curated from gift guides on our favorite Parenting sites on the web -- check all those boxes. From old-timey classics (you may remember getting a harmonica in your own stocking) to two different, equally creative reinventions of the crayon, these trinkets are as fun to buy as they will be for your kids to use. And the really good news? Most of them cost less than $10.

Click through the gallery below for 11 inspired picks -- and check out the full gift guides from iVillage, Red Tricycle, The Stir, GreatSchools, Babble and And if you're looking for ideas about how to make stockings themselves, click over to for some family-friendly crafts.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Kids