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Dry Skin Tips: How To Get Soft Hands This Winter (VIDEO)

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For the past month, our fashion editor Christina and I have been discussing "alligator hands." We aren't talking about reptile claws, but our very own dry, scaly hands.

Rushing out of the door on frigid mornings without gloves, constantly washing our hands in warm water to reduce our chances of getting sick and smoothing on not-so-moisturizing lotions have wreaked havoc on our skin. So, we'll desperately try just about anything to get soft, sexy hands again. Birchbox editor Mollie can relate to our winter skincare struggle, and she shows us in the video five ways to keep our hands soft all season long.

To prevent skin from drying out while cleansing, use a moisturizing soap with aloe vera and olive oil to soften hands. Or whip up a DIY scrub made from sugar and olive oil to exfoliate calloused hands. Rub the treatment on for at least two minutes, rinse off, then pat dry. It is imperative to follow-up with a hydrating cream (containing ingredients like honey, coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E) while hands are still slightly wet, as it will penetrate into the skin better. If you want an overnight treatment, heat up a pair of cotton socks in the microwave for 10 seconds. Then apply a thick hand cream, pop the socks onto your hands and head to bed. In the morning, rub in the remaining moisturizer. Short on time? Target extra dry spots and cuticles with a hand salve.

Do you suffer from extremely dry hands? What works best for you during winter? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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