12/27/2012 06:43 pm ET Updated Dec 30, 2012

'Puddle People:' Jane Underwood's Haunting Collection Of Photographs At The Alemany Flea Market (PHOTOS)

Local writer/photographer Jane Underwood of My.Third.Eye Photography has an odd way of people watching.

While at the Alemany Flea Market in Bernal Heights, for instance, Underwood was less interested in the actual people, instead checking out their reflections in a puddle.

"It was completely by accident," Underwood told The Huffington Post. "My sweetie and I had been searching for something at the flea market and we were just about to leave. But it had rained the day before, so I looked down into this puddle and saw the oddest thing. The people passing by looked like they were coming from this other world."

Underwood immediately took out her camera.

The result is "Puddle People," an eerie collection of passing faces that was first published on local blog, Bernalwood. Shoppers holding grocery bags, strolling hand-in-hand and wearing iPhone ear buds appear ghostlike in the translucent reflections.

According to Underwood, the photos haven't been altered whatsoever. "That's just what it looked like."

And in case Underwood's name sounds familiar, she's also the founder of San Francisco institution The Writing Salon, proving that our local creatives never fail to be...well, more creative.

Check out Underwood's "Puddle People" in our slideshow below:

Puddle People
Puddle People