Chris Bosh's Best Faces Of 2012 (PHOTOS)

12/31/2012 04:11 pm ET | Updated Jan 02, 2013

His is the face that launched a thousand ships -- or at least inspired dozens of hilarious gifs (see below), an animated short, and a subsequent ligation threat.

Heat player Chris Bosh has more extreme facial expressions than Jim Carey.

Whether he's videobombing LeBron James, going up for a dunk, or falling on the court, there's no limit to the wackiness of his mug.

So as we take our last glances back at 2012, take a look at a full year of Bosh's best faces:

Chris Bosh's Best Faces of 2012

Click below for 15 amazing Bosh animated gifs:

Bleeding Palm's Animated Bosh Gifs

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