It's official: "X Factor" UK winners Little Mix will be heading across the pond to make their bid at becoming the next big girl group. The band -- who has already earned comparisons to the Spice Girls -- just signed a deal with One Direction's American label, Columbia Records.

Click through the slideshow below for six reasons Little Mix should be on your pop music radar this year, and tell us: Are you betting on the girls to become as successful as One Direction? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet @HuffPostTeen!

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  • They Make Killer Pop Songs

    Of course, the most important part of the equation for pop music success is having great voices combined with catchy songs -- and Little Mix has got that down pat. We can't stop listening to "Wings," the girls' super-catchy single with totally inspiring lyrics, which will be their first single released in the US.

  • They Already Have A Devoted Fanbase

    The girls are well on their way to achieving 1D levels of fan hysteria. The girls' UK fanbase -- also known as "<a href="">little mixers"</a> or just "mixers" -- are ready for their favorite foursome to make it big.

  • They Have A Strong Leading Lady...

    As the most well-known member of Little Mix, Perrie Edwards is essentially the Harry Styles of the group. Once these girls make it big, we predict that Perrie will be frequently making headlines. <a href="">Follow Little Mix's official Twitter </a> account for updates from Perrie and the girls.

  • ... Who Has A One Direction Boyfriend

    Most US Directions know Little Mix solely because of Perrie Edward's long-term relationship with 1D heartthrob Zayn Malik. And they're a pretty adorable couple. Edwards' bandmates even <a href="">gushed to EntertainmentWise</a> that they "have never seen a boy love a girl so much."

  • They've Got The Simon Cowell Stamp Of Approval

    We all know that everything Simon Cowell touches turns to sold -- and we're banking on Uncle Si to turn Little Mix into the next Spice Girls. A source told The Sun during "X Factor" Uk that Cowell was <a href="">"extra excited"</a> about the group.

  • They Have Great Style

    At the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards last October, Little Mix strutted down the red carpet in an array of eye-catching outfits. The girls' bold hair and wardrobe choices -- think Rihanna and Nicki Minaj -- will get fans excited for their every appearance.