Ryan Moore, Scott Sasek Charged With Burglary And Grand Theft For Stealing Wrecking Ball

01/09/2013 12:07 pm ET | Updated Mar 11, 2013

28-year-old Ryan Moore and 27-year-old Scott Sasek, a couple of guys with some big balls.

"We got them, buddy," a man who called 911 Monday night told a Volusia County Sheriff's telecommunicator. "They've got stolen stuff from my shop in the back of their car." The owner of a business near DeLand had staked out his own shop anticipating that his store might be targeted by thieves after it was burglarized last week and he was right. The 64-year-old man armed with a shotgun caught two suspects in the act of taking off with stolen metal, including a heavy wrecking ball, in their vehicle. "I don't know how the hell they picked it up, it weighs over 200 pounds," the caller said. "But yeah, they are definitely stealing and it's in the car."


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