Three Most Common Fitness And Diet Mistakes People Make, From Jackie Warner (VIDEO)

01/14/2013 10:28 am ET | Updated Aug 14, 2013

When celebrity fitness trainer Jackie Warner dropped by Mondays With Marlo, she shared the mistakes most people make when getting in shape. The first is making too-lofty goals -- try simpler goals instead, like drinking three liters of water a day to speed up metabolism. Being afraid of weight lifting is another common mistake among women. The more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism runs and the less fat you'll have -- run toward the burn, not away from it, said Jackie. Finally, incorporate more superstar foods like grapefruit and oatmeal into your diet. These foods have loads of nutrients to keep your body strong.

For more ways to keep in shape, check out Jackie's favorite tips:

Getting Fit With Jackie Warner

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