01/12/2013 01:10 pm ET

Mustached Bill Murray Is A Meat, Potatoes AND Crab Legs Kind Of Guy (PHOTOS)

Bill Murray is sporting some serious mustaches these days. So serious that you'll excuse us from using the plural. That 'stache be on some 19th century swag, yo.

What else is Bill Murray into these days? Potatoes. Crab legs. Some kind of meat. It's all good.

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The connection, to be taken with a grain of salt -- or a side of hollandaise sauce -- is that apparently some Redditor's fiend cooked the meal in question. That would explain the several shots in this gallery that are devoted only to food. Chefs, go figure.

It would be kind of funny to see some of the food stuck in the aforementioned facial hair, which according to the original poster on Reddit, is being groomed for an upcoming Wes Anderson film, The Grand Budapest Hotel.



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