01/16/2013 08:51 am ET Updated Jan 17, 2013

Jon Stewart On Lance Armstrong's Oprah Confession: 'I Think We All Owe Cancer An Apology' (VIDEO)

Lance Armstrong's confessional interview with Oprah won't air until Thursday, but the news that he finally admitted to doping has taken the world by storm already.

Jon Stewart addressed the scandal on Tuesday's "Daily Show", first lamenting the dollar he spent on a "LIVESTRONG" bracelet -- "Well, I think we all owe cancer an apology," -- then realizing how obvious it was that the former cycling star was doping all along. "You can beat testicular cancer. You can win the Tour de France. But you can't win the Tour de France seven times after beating testicular cancer."

Stewart went on to say, "Any idiot with half a brain should have been able to see that Armstrong was lying." Aaaaand, cue Jon's 2006 interview with him.


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