A Michigan man accused of kidnapping and raping a college student posted on Facebook that he was "about to be shot, peace" seconds before police opened fire and killed him.

Eric Lee Ramsey, 30, allegedly forced a Central Michigan University student into her car at gunpoint at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

The student said she didn't know Ramsey, who forced her to drive her SUV to a residence where he bound her with tape and sexually assaulted her, Michigan Live reported.

Police say Ramsey forced the woman back in the SUV, along with two cans of gas, and began to drive, according to Mercury News. The woman says Ramsey told her he was going to kill her, at which point she leapt from the vehicle and ran to a nearby home, banging on the door for help. The residents let her inside, where she called 911 at about 10:05 p.m.

As the woman dialed for help, Ramsey appears to have sprayed the home with gasoline and lit it on fire, then left. The homeowners were able to put out the fire and no one was hurt.

Michigan state troopers located Ramsey behind the wheel of the SUV several hours later. Ramsey rammed the vehicle into a trooper's car, injuring the driver. The trooper attempted to give chase, but the vehicle was too damaged to drive far.

Ramsey then abandoned the SUV in a field before stealing a sanitation truck, which he used to ram a sheriff's deputy's vehicle head-on, Isabella County Sheriff Leo Mioduszewski told the Morning Sun.

The deputy then got out of his car and opened fire into into the sanitation truck cab, killing Ramsey at the scene.

Prior to being killed, Ramsey posted "Well folkes im about to get shot [sic]. Peace" from his Facebook account.

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