'Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial' Depicts Depressing Version of Reality (VIDEO)

01/17/2013 06:04 pm ET

Coca-Cola's first anti-obesity ad was released this week. Here it is:

The spot gives Coca-Cola a lot of pats on the back for things like listing calorie counts, offering "healthier" beverages in schools and creating a wide selection of diet sodas. Now, here's another ad, but this one is definitely not sanctioned by Coca-Cola.

This version, which uses the same images as the original but a very different voiceover, lists the serious health risks of diet sodas, including kidney problems, obesity and much more. Then, it just gets even more depressing. "Imagine if cigarette companies said they were doing something responsible to protect you," the ad suggests.

The last line brings it home, with absolutely no sugar coating. "Don't drink Coke. It is killing you and your family."


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