Hector Camacho 'Macho' Chain: Family Pawns Boxing Legend's Famous Accessory

01/18/2013 03:04 pm ET

By Michael Lopez


You’d think a famous item like Hector Camacho’s “Macho” chain would wind up in a sports museum after his death. But sadly, that isn’t the case at all. According to People en Español, the boxing legend’s famous accessory is now in the hands of a New York pawnshop.

An unnamed member of the Camacho family reportedly cashed in the jewelry for a mere $7,000. Though it wasn’t made of solid gold, the chain is a true collector’s item and was worn by Hector at nearly all of his appearances.

There is no word on which exact shop has the “Macho” bling or how much they’ll be selling it for. But seeing the outpouring of attention that Camacho’s received since his passing, we’re certain it could fetch tens of thousands at a sports auction.

The real surprise is that Hector was laid to rest without his most famous accessory. Let’s hope whoever decided to pawn it off, respected the legendary fighter’s final wishes.

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