01/18/2013 02:10 pm ET Updated Jan 18, 2013

Hoda Kotb, Wendy Williams Compete In Epic Grape Stomping Contest (VIDEO)

TV hosts Hoda Kotb and Wendy Williams duked it out in a grape stomping contest on Friday.

Kotb appeared on William's daytime talk show to discuss her new book, but things turned slightly wacky when the two hosts appeared side by side in open barrels filled with grapes á la Lucille Ball.

"What are we doing?!" Kotb yelled.

"Well since you love your wine we thought we'd have some fun and stomp our own grapes in our own challenge," Williams explained. "We're going to put 45 seconds on the clock and we're going to see who stomps out the most wine juice. Now give me some music and it better be good." And it was.

Watch the video above to see who won.


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