01/19/2013 08:17 am ET | Updated Mar 21, 2013

Donald Trump's Angry Twitter Tirade At Deadspin

Donald Trump was none too pleased at Deadspin's acid brushoff of his compliment about their Manti Te'o bombshell.

Trump took to Twitter to congratulate Deadspin on its scoop about Te'o's fake girlfriend. Deadspin responded rather pungently, telling Trump, "go f**k yourself."

Uh-oh. Looks like someone made it onto Trump's ever-growing enemies list! At least there's a discernible reason for his anger this time, unlike his weird one-sided feud with Vanity Fair.

Some of Trump's replies:

Complexions? Huh?

Oh, so it's "nice" Donald that we've been seeing all this time?

Also Anderson Cooper mocked the whole thing with weird Quiet Storm music, and he was also surprised that Donald had apparently been holding back until Deadspin was mean to him.



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