01/20/2013 09:15 am ET

Amazing Accordion Showdown: Which Accordion Player Kicks The Most Awesome? (POLL)

Anyone who suffered through high school (and that's everyone) inevitably looks back and says: "If only I played an instrument, I would have been cool."

Of course, this is not true. Nevertheless, as you imagine yourself strutting down the hallway -- pushing aside jocks and ignoring cheerleaders -- one thing is certain, if you want your daydreams to be cool. The instrument that is your calling is not -- the accordion.

And yet, look at these bellow blasters! Yes, bellow blasters!

First, a kid who "shreds" through a classical solo so hard it's difficult to believe the balloon arrangements behind him don't burst on the spot.

Second, a Russian artist who hits that sweet spot where you're accordion playing peeks because you've had just the right amount of vodka.

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