WASHINGTON -- District of Columbia officials have lowered their turnout estimate for Monday's presidential inauguration.

The district's homeland security director, Chris Geldart, said Sunday that officials now expect between 500,000 and 700,000 people to attend. That's fewer than the 600,000 to 800,000 people initially anticipated.

The estimates are based in part on the number of charter buses arriving in the city, as well as the number of hotel and restaurant reservations.

Geldart says the lowered crowd estimate isn't changing any of the security preparations or planning.

For President Barack Obama's first swearing-in in 2009, 1.8 million people packed the National Mall.

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  • Firearms


  • Ammunition

    Who brings ammunition but not a gun?

  • Explosives


  • Knives


  • Blades And Other Sharp Objects

    Blades are different than knives.

  • Mace And Pepper Spray


  • Sticks Or Poles

    No tent building at this Inauguration.

  • Pocket Or Hand Tools

    Definitely no building at this Inauguration.

  • Packages

    Do not have your birthday party at the Inauguration.

  • Backpacks

  • Large Bags, Duffel Bags

  • Aerosal Sprays

    Do your hair at home.

  • Thermoses And Coolers

    Sack lunches are O.K.

  • Strollers

    No kids! Oh no wait -- kids are OK, just no kids in strollers.

  • Umbrellas

    Makes sense but it might rain. Luckily, ponchos and slickers are permitted.

  • Laser Pointers

    Why would you bring a laser pointer anywhere?

  • Air Horns

    Obviously but it could be fun. No. That would be awful.

  • Signs And Posters

    The election is over.

  • Animals

    Service animale are OK

  • Portable Chairs

    Wear comfortable shoes.

  • Alcoholic Beverages

    Do not tailgate the Inauguration.

  • Any Other Items That May Pose A Threat To The Security Of The Event As Determined By Security Screeners

    Good luck!