01/21/2013 01:14 pm ET

'Gator Boys' Take On 'Zombie Gator' (VIDEO)

On "Gator Boys," Paul and Jimmy encountered something they’d never seen before: a gator with all-white eyes that locals were calling a "zombie gator."

The guys marveled at how its eyes looked like pearls. At first Paul thought the gator might be sick because as he approached, but they later discovered it was blind.

“I’ve never seen an alligator keep his energy up like this. He really is a zombie gator,” Jimmy replied.

Because the gator’s eyes were all white, they deduced he’d probably been born blind. The gator was no weaker than any other gator though -- using his other instincts, he kept on the attack.

On Twitter, viewers were anticipating the zombie gator episode big time, and said it did not disappoint.

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Midseason 2012-2013
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