01/21/2013 04:08 pm ET

Megan Fox's 'This Is 40' Blooper: Leslie Mann Fondles Actress' Breasts

In case you couldn't get enough "This is 40," the movie's blooper reel has been released and one scene in particular has captivated fans.

In the clip (shown above), Leslie Mann plays with Megan Fox's breasts, saying, "Wow, I would put floodlights on them." Fox turns away from the camera before losing it and cracking up.

Earlier this month, another scene that didn't make it into the movie was released. The deleted scene shows Maude Apatow as Sadie, video-chatting with a friend. She quickly launches into a spot-on Kardashian impression, doing her best Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney.

Released on Dec. 21, "This is 40" continues a decent box office run, making $62.8 million as of this week.

'This Is 40' Stills


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