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Spicy McChicken Too Spicy, According To Man Who Allegedly Called Cops To Chinese McDonald's

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A Chinese man allegedly called the police because his Spicy McChicken sandwich was too spicy (Credit: Sina Weibo) | Shutterstock

There are a variety of cures for cooling down your burning mouth after eating spicy food. Some might drink some milk or eat a slice of bread, but one man took to extreme measures to cool down his tongue.

After ordering a Spicy McChicken sandwich, a man allegedly called police to a Chinese McDonald’s because his food was too spicy, according to a post on Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo. The McDonald’s in question did its best to soothe the patron by giving him a soda and grilled chicken legs but it apparently wasn’t enough to calm him down, according to China-based community website, The Nanfang.


Commenters on Sina Weibo apparently weren’t as understanding. They've accused him of having “shit for brains,” and claimed it was a wise ploy to get some free food, Kotaku reports.

McDonald’s didn't immediately respond to a request for comment from The Huffington Post.

This isn’t the first time the fast food chain has gotten in trouble for its Spicy McChicken sandwich. In 2011, a woman sued McDonald’s after claiming she was injured by a glass shard found in the sandwich, according to Reuters.

Police have dealt with disputes over McDonald’s food in the past, too. In 2010, police were called to mediate a fight over the freshness of one McDonald’s location’s fries.

Here is a photo of the incident posted to Sina Weibo:

spicy mcchicken cops

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